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The Excerpt

If you’d like to read the first chapter of 90 Day Geisha, you can find it in Amazon’s ‘Look Inside’ feature for the Hardcover edition. London’s The Independent also ran a short extract to accompany an article about hostess activists in Tokyo.

In Australia, Madison magazine ran an extract and accompanying article in their October 2008 issue (with Anne Hathaway gracing the cover). It is old enough now to possibly be available at all good dentists, on a mate’s bookshelf, or down at ankle-height in a second hand bookstore.


The Book

The book is also published in Dutch translation as De Westerse Geisha by the Amsterdam-based publisher Arena in Holland. For Polish readers, a translation will be coming out during the summer of 2011, to be published by Świat Książk . And if you'd rather listen than read, look out for the release of the audio book in the coming months, produced by Bolinda Publishing and available worldwide.

If you'd like to order a copy, please visit one of these online retailers, or ask at your local bookstore...








Independent Bookstores

Alternatively, if you live in NYC go and see David Del Vecchio to order at Idlewild Books and support one of my favorite independents out there. Located at 12 W. 19th St. (near 5th Ave), this is a bookshop you will want to own, eat, and never leave. It’s that good.

Follow them on Facebook to be kept in the loop about frequent book launches and readings from an intriguing and international cast of authors.


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